PixieSchools @home

In response to the COVID19 pandemic and closure of schools, Pixie Schools launched the PixieSchools@home program. We plan to continue to offer most of these options after re-opening.

  • For 2-4 year olds we offer the Play Sense online portal taught by Pixie teachers. Play Sense was developed by Meg Faure, the author of Baby Sense.
  • For 4-5 year olds we use Google Classroom.
  • Grade R is taught by a combination of Zoom and individual video calls.

There’s also a ‘light’ option for families who want to access materials and teacher videos without engaging with formal platforms.

All children have access to class WhatsApp groups and most are connected with our Zoom classes. Our goal is to keep our little ones and their parents connected and busy in a way that suits each family.