Pixie Playland Pre-Primary, Tokai

Pixie Playland Pre-Primary is the largest of the schools and caters for children aged 1-6 years old in expansive grounds. We have several secure outdoor play areas dedicated to each age group which promote children’s development and offers fun ways to burn off energy with friends. Each age group has their own classroom where the teachers follow a theme focused, mainstream play-based program which includes an array of activities, from painting to imaginary play, movement and dance, reading, sand and water play and outdoor exploring.

Our Grade Rs have a specialist teacher to build on their numeracy and literacy skills as they prepare to enter Grade 1 and formal schooling.

5 Brocker Way, Tokai . 021 712 4871 . playland@pixieschools.co.za

Philosophy & Mission

We believe early years play-based learning has a vital role to play in the emotional well being of young children. And that emotional wellbeing is a fundamental prerequisite for learning at any age. Our schools provide secure, loving environments and learning foundations to nurture and develop your child as they prepare for school readiness.

General info

Extra Mural Activities

Gross Motor & Ballskills, Ballet Tots and Manners for Minors are available during the school morning on the school premises. Also available: Fetch and Teach Swimlab swimming (not on the premises)

Parents sign-up directly with each extra mural provider.


We open at 07:30 in the morning and close at 17:15 sharp in the evening.

Children on the half day option may be collected at 14:00.

Hours may be adjusted to comply with COVID19 protocols.


School closures are subject to COVID Protocols. Pixie Playland is open all year round except for public holidays and bridging school holidays. The school closes for a period of four weeks during December and January to give our staff a well-earned rest! Holiday care is included in the fees.